3rd Party Broadcasters

September 6th, 2013

We offer three broadcasters built for the TikiLIVE Broadcasting platform. We have the Web Broadcaster for quick and easy broadcasting from PCs and Macs. No download is required so this is ideal for quick broadcasts with minimal set up. Just plug in your camera, launch the broadcaster, and hit “Start”. You’re broadcasting LIVE in less than a minute!

For a high quality broadcast up to 480p, which is ideal for broadcasts that your audience will be watching on a computer screen, the TikiLIVE Broadcaster is available for download onto PCs. Download the broadcaster, plug in your camera, login using your TikiLIVE credentials, and start broadcasting.

For crystal clear HD broadcasts, The HD Wave is available free at www.theHDwave.com. When your audience will be watching on their HD TV, The HD Wave is the obvious choice. Built on patent-pending technology, The HD Wave delivers stunning 720p at only 1.0Mbps. For broadcasts at 1080i/p, only 2.0Mbps is required. Download The HD Wave on to a quad-core computer, plug in your HD camera, login using your TikiLIVE credentials, and start broadcasting in professional quality HD in minutes!

Broadcasters like having options. For this reason we have made it easy to use popular 3rd party broadcasters with your TikiLIVE channel or network. Maybe you’ve switched from another platform and you’re comfortable with a different broadcaster or you like the specific features that another broadcaster offer. Whatever the case, you have options with TikiLIVE.

Broadcasters compatible with TikiLIVE include:

1. Flash Media Live Encoder – www.adobe.com

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 live audio and video capture software is a media encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Flash Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). When high-quality streaming is your priority, Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 can help you broadcast live events and around-the-clock broadcasting. Available for both PCs and MACs this is great tool to get steady broadcasts.

2. Wirecast – www.telestream.net

Plug-in your cameras. Prepare your shots. Broadcast live. Wirecast software lets you produce professional-looking live events with just a camera, an internet connection and a computer. Stream or record live internet shows, broadcast breaking news or sporting events, stream live concerts, transmit church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more.

Info: the cropping service is not working with Wirecast records (because MP4Box fails to crop videos recorded with Wirecast

3. TriCaster – www.NewTek.com

The process of creating live, network-style productions can be very costly and require massive amounts of expensive equipment and a large crew of people. TriCaster changes all of that, starting with pricing at $4,995 for education. In one lightweight, portable system (small enough to fit in a backpack), you have all of the tools, including live virtual sets (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet technology), required to broadcast, live stream, project, and record your show.

4. VidBlaster – www.VidBlaster.com

VidBlaster is a state-of-the-art live video production tool that allows you to easily broadcast or record live events up to HD quality. It is an affordable multi-camera real-time software solution that is very easy to use. Whether you want to record a simple home video or do a live HD television broadcast, VidBlaster is the number one solution! Use VidBlaster to broadcast, stream and/or record live camera feeds together with pre-recorded video, audio and graphics. Enhance your video production by including transitions, overlays and video effects.

5. XSplit – www.xsplit.com

6. Cube – http://www.teradek.com

Note: RTMP URL is set by TikiLIVE and it’s unique for each channel. User should not edit the RTMP url or the name.

Note: you can also use Webcam Max as a third party broadcasting tool in case you want a still image in streaming purposes. You can download the product at www.webcammax.com

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October 6, 2017

Try out Mirillis Action!. Awesome broadcasting and recording software too