Monster Encoder

September 6th, 2013

Monster Encoder is an optional module that can be purchased from our company.

Monster Encoder allows you to encode/upload multiple video formats to your website: flv, mp4, avi, mov, mkv, vob, etc.

Except for FLV and MP4 files, the other video files need to be encoded in order to be uploaded.

While converting the video file Monster Encoder uses a multi-threading technique, keeping in the same time the highest video quality possible, making it one of the fastest double-pass encoder on the market today.

As opposite to other video converters on the market, with Monster Encoder there are no limitations for video size. It can encode any file size – from few seconds to hours.

Get your files transcoded simultaneously into webm and mp4 – ready for web, STB or mobile devices!

Choosing to convert your video files using Monster Encoder will guarantee that the person who receives a converted video file from you will be able to see it. All the converted files can be played right away on PCs, MACs and cell phones.

Monster Encoder works with all Content Delivery Solutions and may be custom configured to support your business needs. While using the video encoder no audio codec or video codec are needed.

Here you can view the list with video supported formats for encoding.

Here you can read more about the uploading/encoding process.

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