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April 3rd, 2014

sahar- tv Network

Hello every one and thanks so much for all Your kind support and suggestion regarding Our TV programs , We are working so hart to bring Latest experience of the Quality digital Film and Television Productions and for me to represent the culture and Arts of Afghanistan world-wide Internationally , its great opportunity for me to Share my hart work with all of You and its was My dream to promote and hart work for human been , I hope my creative inner brings a lot of accomplishment regarding Our tv Serious : with Your all kind support we can make Our friendly social media Community higher and richest around the world , Mostly We are focusing for reality shows, Documentaries , Feature film , Cooking ,live Entertainment, Dramas, Family show , Educational Programs,Women rights in Afghan Society, kinds& Youth of Afghanistan, hope every one enjoy with Us and We are looking forwards Your kind suggestion and comments regarding Our TV programs. Highly appreciation and best Wishes! Regards

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