Rejoice! Toronto’s deep freeze is about to end

January 7th, 2018

© Steve Russell See that on the horizon? It’s the sun, coming to (finally) warm Toronto up.

Almost two weeks have passed since Toronto was first gripped by extreme cold on Christmas Day.

If you’re worried you’ll never feel warm again, don’t despair, this frozen nightmare will soon come to an end.

Environment Canada said the cold snap will finally dissipate by Sunday afternoon, and “a much milder week is expected.”

Nonetheless, the forecaster is urging GTA residents to keep their parkas around Sunday morning, as “an Arctic ridge of high pressure continues to bring cold temperatures and brisk northwesterly winds to Southern Ontario,” as well as wind chill temperatures as low as -35 C.

Sunday will see a high of -5 C though, which is still a few degrees below seasonal norms but arguably much more pleasant than the recent double-digit deep freeze.

The rest of the week will be even more delightful, as the temperature breaches the subzero mark for the first time in weeks.

Monday will have a high of 1 C and flurries, so prepare for a potentially slushy commute, and Tuesday will have a high of 0 C, though the overnight low will dip back down to -9 C.

Wednesday’s weather will also hover around the freezing mark at 1 C and a 40- to 60-percent chance of a mix of rain and snow throughout the day.

Thursday is when the real fun starts — it might feel like summer as a high of 4 C and rain is expected.

Enjoy the warmth while it lasts though because the mercury is predicted to drop back down to -5 C by Friday.

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