Happy Family Day: Canada

February 17th, 2020

In some provinces of Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on the third Monday in February. In the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan it is observed as Family Day. In three other provinces, the same day is a statutory holiday but celebrated for different reasons: Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Nova Scotia Heritage Day in Nova Scotia, and Islander Day in Prince Edward Island. Two-thirds of Canadians live in a province that observes a February statutory holiday. In the United States, Presidents Day is also celebrated on the third Monday in February. Some provinces have changed the observance day of their holiday to match the other provinces and/or the American holiday.

The third Monday in February is a regular working day in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the territories. As Family Day is not a federal statutory holiday, federal employees in all provinces (such as public servants and postal workers) work on this day. In Yukon, one Friday in February is deemed Yukon Heritage Day.
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