About Us

I am honour and It’s a privilege for me to have extraordinary and Vanurable friends and colleagues around the Globe. Hi, I am Lalaka, I was born and raised in Afghanistan and currently living in Toronto, most of my childhood was in music, live stage performance with other professional singers and musicians, I am just as passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and business, as I am about art and culture. The Founder/CEO of Sahar-TV Network – Multicultural Community Entertainment Programs World-Wide, Professional and Former of Canada’s Premier Film and TV College, A division of International Academy of Design and Technology, “Toronto Film School” I grew up with that as my primary focus to serve the community and people who like, respect and learn from their diverse Community each and the daily bases, I played music which as a full-time job with so many professional singers and musicians from different backgrounds, I love what I am doing, I provide service that comes from my heart, I proud of positive, honest and authentic people and community. We want to defy expectations to develop new ways of making things easier and be Creative in making things fair. We do what is right, honest, and transparent. We want to do the right thing to serve our community in the right direction, We challenge the status Quo, We display the courage to drive change in order to make a difference in the eyes of our diverse audiences, we play as a team, We think it’s important to have fun with Our friends, colleagues and love ones while working and to do great things. We have relentless curiosity, We are responsive, restless, and ask ” what if, ” We say ” We can ” and jump at the chance to do things better for our viewers and diverse audiences, colleagues and businesses, We give our all, We are passionate, We bring high energy and intensity to our work and are deliberate about taking the time to cultivate our personal health and relationship to keep us move forwards to serve people and community. We are working very hard to establish a professional media network to serve everyone who likes and respect diversity and multiculturalism, We have a duty of care all our diverse audiences, including religion, gender, raise, colour, we will not tolerate any form of violent, threatening or aggressive behaviour towards them.
I hope that every hardworking and positive person benefits from it and pass that knowledge and learning to the upcoming next generation and me
Welcome You to the broadcasting Board of Sahar-TV Network. We are a not-for-profit Broadcasting Network for Canada’s multicultural community entertainment programs around the World. We strive to achieve the highest standard in programming to ensure high-quality programs that reflect the interests of Our diverse audience around the Globe.

Sahar-TV Network program seeks to highlight the Community talents on the world stage, connecting people and events from around the world. Our Professional and educational network to enlighten the world about Communities’ culture and arts, promoting diversity and Multiculturalism around the world. Our goal is to reflect the Community voice in an open and objective format, focusing on solutions, ethical conduct, and mutual respect. Our network emphasizes what is right with people and how each and every one of us is an asset to our global society.

We welcome your participation!

Mr. Lalaka Mamanzay has worked as composer, singer, musician, music arranger, Creative Director/Filmmaker have been working for 16 years of experience in the area of digital film and television production industry, Knowledgeable in all aspects of production, Pre – Productions, Post – Production, Web developer, web designer, graphic designer, animator, He brings this depth of experience to run the Sahar-tv network.
Mr. Lalaka Mamanzay: A Gift with Smile & respect

Our tour has been covered by both Print and TV Network outlets including the World-TV, Ariana Afghanistan Satellite, Eye Partner, TikiLive network.

Our digital media network is proud to have developed strong relationships with friends and Colleagues.

Sahar-TV Network is the first Leading Digital media network in Canada, owned and operated by Mr. Mamanzay with programming content rooted in Afghan, South Asian, and Local Communities rich and diverse traditions while embracing the vibrant youth for their success in the global community.
Today the globe is a simple small village with internet facilities and modern technology. Canadian’s, South Asian, and Afghan Communities aboard are the target audience of Sahar-tv Network, whatever continent they reside in.
With its multi-lingual shows, Sahar-tv Network fills in a void for the young and homesick Canadians all over the world.

Sahar-TV Network
Catering to a wide variety of topics, Sahar-tv Network is essentially focused on the South Asian and Afghan youth who is the bold new face of modern Canada.
Vision/ Mission
Our vision is to become the most popular Professional Digital Television network in Canada.
Sahar-TV Network is an online digital media network with live programming that will champion the culture and arts.
We strive for visible and measurable community support and ensure that programming content reflects community demographics, needs, and priorities.

Coverage / Audience
Sahar-TV Network brings 24/7 coverage to young Canadian’s wherever they may be on the planet.

Scope of the Programming
Sahar-TV Network shows are 10% talk shows and 90% latest South Asian and Afghan music.
The main languages spoken are: English – additional programs in Dari/Pashto, Hindi

Why Sahar-TV Network?
A unique/ modern identity that will be recognizable to viewers.
A unique mix of high quality locally produced and syndicated programs.
Programming that relates to the aspiration and concerns of all the viewers.
Highly talented resources and requisite technology to deliver the best quality Television shows.
Unparalleled opportunities for Television show sponsorship, branding, and advertisements for organizations across various industries of Canada in the world.

We are committed to ensuring families realize the rights to which they are entitled. Our goal is to raise our voice on behalf of the millions of families in need around the world.

Is to build a country where every family attains the right to survival, protection, and development.

Is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the people in need get treated, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. Our hope is to inspire and empower an individual to raise their voices, embrace the power and beauty within themselves.

We are demanding of ourselves to set high goals and are committed to improving the quality of everything we do for people in need. We will make you believe in the power of each voice to inspire a change in the world.
We are open to new ideas, embrace change, and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for and with people in need.

We respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with partners to leverage our global strength in making a difference for Canadian Middle-Class families in need.

We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour, we never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of families. Help us fulfill our mission of enriching and empowering the lives of people in Canada and others in need around the world. Give generously! You can help change the world. Like they say “ Step by Step ”.

Professional Digital Film and Television Production Industry

January 2016 – Present Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Highly dedicated and skilled Professional with an exceptional record of digital electronic media Network. Adept at perceiving individual Self Starter, Motivated ‘ unique skin tone and corresponding Creative needs, and recommending products accordingly. Work well independently or as part of a Creative professional Crew.

Office Administrator
Sahar-TV Network

January 2016 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Changing the lives of children, worldwide, showcasing talents, empowering young women and men to achieve their dreams and goals, and creating strong Canadian ambassadors on a world stage through our New Development Program, this is what Sahar-TV Network Canada stands for.